Our Brands

Ouest Logo

OUEST is named for Montreal’s West Island, (French for west and pronounced… “west”). All OUEST products are craft grown, hand tended and hang dried to ensure the finest quality. In a market where potency is paramount, OUEST consistently delivers. With a focus on flavour and strong bag appeal, OUEST stands out and keeps people coming back for more.

Citoyen Logo

CITOYEN is West Island’s more accessible brand of cannabis. The People’s Flower. Priced significantly lower than other craft brands, CITOYEN targets a broader demographic. Not only is CITOYEN more accessible in price, but also potency. This is truly a cannabis product anyone can enjoy. It is a revolution in cannabis. The CITOYEN brand strives to provide a greater number of consumers with a taste of what a high quality bud in the legal market should be.

Silk Road Logo

Our “Silk Road” Brand is a celebration of the “classics” in the world of hashish, offering hashish blends inspired by the culture and techniques from the Middle East, Africa, India & Nepal which have been providing quality hashish to the world for centuries. Silk Road is high-grade, pure culture hashish, which is made from the finest quality plant material. Each blend is carefully crafted and aged to perfection, giving it not only a unique flavor and aroma, but also a taste of those cultures and traditions that have made the history of hashish.