Matica Concludes Successful Trial Of Globalex Tablets

August 19th , 2014, Toronto, Ontario – Matica Enterprises Inc. (CSE:GRF) (Frankfurt:39N). Further to our news release of July 25, 2014 the Company is pleased to announce successful preliminary trials on its exclusive GlobalEx effervescent chlorine dioxide tablets for use in the Canadian and U.S. horticultural and agricultural industries. Matica and ChroniCare conducted controlled testing of the GlobalEx chlorine dioxide tablets against spider mite infestation of cannabis plants. The results were extremely positive with the mites being exterminated in a single application. The plants were observed for 14 days after application and were found to be in excellent health having suffered no adverse effects from the application of the chlorine dioxide solution and furthermore the plants remained free of mites. As a follow-up, Matica is arranging testing with a Canadian university to further test the effectiveness of the GlobalEx tablets.

Joe Lu of ChroniCare states, “I was amazed at how quickly and effectively the GlobalEx Chlorine Dioxide tablets worked. All it took was one application. The infected plants were sprayed in the afternoon and by the following morning were free of mites. After two weeks the plants remain healthy with no signs of infestation. Also, the product was easy and quick to apply and therefore is perfect for large growing environments. As said before, the potential of this product for the medical marijuana industry is tremendous and could quickly become an industry standard.”

Matica intends to complete its LOI with Bellerosa Distributing Ltd. (“Bellerosa”) to exclusively market the full range of GlobalEx effervescent chlorine dioxide tablets for use in the Canadian and US horticultural and agricultural industries. Matica will initially focus on the medical marijuana industry for the elimination of mold, biofilm, and pests in controlled growing facilities. This importantly eliminates the need for harmful chemical or Health Canada restricted pesticides. Matica also intends to expand its marketing of the tablets to both the Canadian and US horticultural and agricultural industries. As of 2006 there were almost 9,000 greenhouses in Canada and a total of 229,373 farms. There is a total of 239.3 million square feet of greenhouse space in Canada with over half of that in Ontario. Of particular interest will be organic operations where pesticides are not permitted.


GlobalEx is currently marketing its Chlorine Dioxide tablets in over 25 countries. According to GlobalEx management, GlobalEx is assisting in the fight against Ebola and is currently preparing to ship 88 metric tons of tablets for population and hospitals and more than 100 Metric tons of powder for potable and sewage treatment plants. They are engaged on 7 countries touched by Ebola virus and are ready to deliver each day more than 25 Metric tons of tablets and the same quantity of powder. For more information about GlobalEx chlorine dioxide tablets please go to According to Health Canada guidelines medical marijuana must not be treated before, during or after the drying process with a pest control product that has not been registered under the Pest Control Products Act for use on marijuana for medical purposes. The GlobalEx chlorine dioxide tablets are fully tested and certified by NSF™ ( ensuring that every aspect of tablet development and usage complies with strict standards and procedures. Matica will conduct testing on these tablets in medical marijuana growing operations with a goal to become certified by Health Canada and the product of choice for all marijuana growers.


The Company will continue to explore options in the medical marijuana and industrial hemp industries. While pursuing alternative projects, Matica will also continue to conduct exploration on its resource projects. Matica has graphite projects in Buckingham, Quebec. Buckingham is an historic graphite producing area which has been the scene of renewed exploration activity. Matica trades on the CSE under the symbol GRF. For more information on Matica visit the website at

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