Matica Enterprises Enters Into Joint Venture Agreement To Market Chlorine Dioxide Tablets For Use In The Medical Marijuana Industry

July 15, 2014 — Toronto, Ontario — Matica Enterprises Inc. (CSE: GRF) (“Matica” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce it has entered into a letter of intent (the “L01”) forming a joint venture with Bellerosa Distributing Ltd. (“Bellerosa”) to exclusively market the full range of GlobalEx effervescent Chlorine Dioxide tablets for use in Canadian and US horticultural and agricultural industries. Matica intends to focus on the use of these cutting edge Chlorine Dioxide tablets in the medical marijuana industry for the elimination of mold, biofilm, and pests in controlled growing facilities, eliminating the need for harmful or Health Canada restricted pesticides.

About Chlorine Dioxide Tablets:

According to Health Canada guidelines medical marijuana must not be treated before, during or after the drying process with a pest control product that has not been registered under the Pest Control Products Act for use on marijuana for medical purposes. These Chlorine Dioxide tablets are fully tested and certified by NSFTM ( ensuring that every aspect of the tablets development and usage complies with strict standards and procedures. Matica will conduct testing on these tablets in medical marijuana growing operations with a goal to become certified by Health Canada and the product of choice for all marijuana growers.

Joe Lu of ChroniCare states, “The potential of these exclusive Chlorine Dioxide tablets for the medical marijuana industry is tremendous and could quickly become an industry standard. ChroniCare will be conducting thorough testing on behalf of Matica at the ChroniCare medical marijuana growing facilities and we are confident that we will meet and exceed the high standards put forth by Heath Canada under the Pest Control Products Act for use on marijuana for medical purposes.”

Matica will conduct testing of these Chlorine Dioxide tablets in marijuana growing facilities though ChroniCare Canada Corp., a privately financed corporation and medical marijuana producer operating as a licensed producer under the medical marijuana access regulations (MMAR). ChroniCare will use these Chlorine Dioxide tablets at their medical marijuana grow facility and will monitor and record the effects on the spider mites, fungus and other issues encountered during the growth of various medical marijuana strains. Matica announced on June 18, 2014, that it had entered into a non-binding letter of intent with ChroniCare Canada Inc. ChroniCare is a private company based in Mississauga, Ont., which has been producing medical marijuana under a Marijuana Medical Access Regulations license since 2012. ChroniCare and Matica intend on applying for and becoming licensed under the new Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations shortly.

Medical marijuana is grown in very humid conditions that can force licenced producers (“LP”) to contend with fungus, pests, mold and bio-film (A living complex of organic and inorganic components that becomes established on surfaces that are in regular contact with water). As such, a sanitation program for the growing facility is of the upmost importance. Our Chlorine Dioxide tablets eliminate sources and transfers of harmful pathogens and attacks bio-film that form on equipment. Surfaces such as pressurized irrigation lines, non-pressurized recirculation system return lines, holding tanks, mixing tanks and containment vessels are prone to bio-film.

Chlorine dioxide is a chemical compound with the formula C102 and is used in industrial disinfection in varying formats. It’s a powerful oxidizer that has been used for a wide range of purposes, this including effectiveness to eliminate many common insects by disinfecting and sanitize the growing environment, Matica plans to use these Chlorine Dioxide tablets in medical marijuana grow operations to prevent commonly found spider mites and study its effectiveness with a strict quality standards. Matica hopes to develop a branded product and process which would become the industry standard for growers of medical marijuana.

Under the proposed terms and conditions and following the signature of the Definitive Agreement, Matica will acquire 60% of the proposed Joint Venture by cover all the costs from the testing of the tablets, complete a report base on the test results and submit an application to Health Canada for use in medical marijuana growing operations. Matica will also deliver ten million shares of Company stock to Bellerosa upon signing of the definitive agreement. The closing is subject to satisfactory completion of due diligence within 30 days and receiving regulatory approval.

Matica also announces that the Company will be granting 950,000 new options to various directors, officers and consultants of the company. Also the company will be issuing 1,500,000 common shares of Company stock at $0.10 for consulting services. No finder’s fee was payable.

About ChroniCare Canada

ChroniCare Canada is a privately financed corporation specializing in the field of health care. ChroniCare Canada was formulated to provide a more natural alternative to pain medication while continuing its research on other medicinal properties found in marijuana plants. Based in Toronto, ChroniCare is positioned to be the leader in healthy genetics of various strains of medical marijuana. ChroniCare plans to breed and modify new and existing strains to determine the best use for pain management. With its innovative thinking and dedicated approach to providing effective pain relief, ChroniCare is setting the bar for a new standard in medicinal use of marijuana and its healing properties.

About GlobalEx Group

GlobalEx Group is the leading tablets manufacturer to generate Chlorine Dioxide (C102) on demand, they created several lines of products in respond to a wide range of applications, decontamination, disinfection and sterilization for civil sectors an industries, including wastewater treatment, drinking water treatment, swimming pools, food and beverage processing, oil industry, reverse osmosis, odor control, water and environmental sanitation, hospitals, agriculture, air purification and prevention of epidemic diseases.

GlobalEx has over 30 patents on their tablets that have NSF and FDA approvals, currently market and use in many areas around the world. The tablets offer a modern, permanent, effective and safe solution for the environment with low capital costs and are available for sale in over 22 different countries worldwide and have pending agreements in 10 more countries. For more information on GlobalEx Group and their products, please visit

About Bellerosa Distributing

Bellerosa is a Vancouver based private company with a licensing agreement for the exclusive marketing and distribution rights for GlobalEx Chlorine Dioxide tablets to use in the Canadian and US agricultural and horticultural industries.

About Matica Enterprises Inc.

The Company will continue to explore options in the medical marijuana and industrial hemp industries.
While pursuing alternative projects, Matica will also continue to conduct exploration on its resource projects. Matica has graphite projects in Buckingham, Quebec. Buckingham is an historic graphite producing area which has been the scene of renewed exploration activity. Matica trades on the CSE under the symbol GRF.

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